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Tradition has a future
Founded in 1909, Autexier manufactures resistant corrosion industrial, petroleum and marine valves.
Autexier offers a range of valves applications in the following materials : Bronze, Aluminum Bronze. The delivery program of Autexier follows international material and manufacturing standards (ANSI,

Autexier industrial departments on site :

Research & development





Tests & controls

Pressure regulation

More than standard products, Autexier studies develops specific applications according to its customer’s requirements. Its expertise in project management is in line with ISO quality standards and PED directives.
Its strength is its ability to react : thanks to a single site integrating all the means of production : its INTEGRATED FOUNDRY allows the mastership of a high resistance alloy : the Aluminum Bronze which is daily melted.
This 30 persons’ family company offers a large product range from the safety valve, the gate valve, the conical plug valve, the ball valve, the fire and deck valve, the check valve, flanges to all kind
of products related to the valve market : you can check it on !
Partners of the French Navy and the Direction of the shipbuilding of FRANCE endowed with a dynamic sales department France/Export and a technical team which goes to meet its client’s expectations, this French manufacturer has definitely the will to innovate.
If you look for a partner in industrial valves market, for Marine and Oil & Gas, AUTEXIER is there to for you !

Our Activity Sectors :

• Civil and defense shipbuilding
• Ship repair
• Offshore
• Oil & Gas
• Energy
• Electrical transformation / Distribution
• Petrochemical
• Chemical
• Desalting Plant
• Fire Safety
• Industrial fluid System

Our Expertise :

• Medium-low pressure valves
• Research & development
• Prototypes
• Small & medium series
• Testing & control

Standard Materials & French manufacturing :

BRONZE  CC491K (CuSn5Zn5Pb5)  Standard NF EN 1982 & C83600 ASTM B62

BRONZE  CC499K (CuSn5Zn5Pb2)  Standard NF EN 1982 & C83600 ASTM B62

ALUMILIUM BRONZE  CC332G (CuAl9Ni3Fe2)  Standard NF EN 1982 & ASTM B148

ALUMILIUM BRONZE  CC333G (CuAl10Ni5Fe5)  Standard NF EN 1982 & C95800 – ASTM B148

About us


For more than 100 years, we have been providing you with highly professional expertise in several sectors of activity :


Our equipment is installed on the DCNS seawater circuits. The articles of our French manufacture are mounted on the Fregates of the French Navy as well as on the Charles de Gaulle nuclear aircraft carrier.

Some equipment will even be installed on the new generation of BARRACUDA submarines. We also equip the mine hunters of the French Navy.


Oil & Refinery Valves – Autexier, the strength of its reputation…

• Our equipment is installed on circuits intended for oil & refineries.
• We comply with the requirements & standards relating to oil use.
• Our petroleum valves are manufactured in France.
• Our products are mainly made of Bronze and Cupro-Aluminium to meet all oil needs.
• Our products are designed to be resistant to hydrocarbons.


Our safety valves as well as all our small taps equip boilers, compressors, autoclaves throughout France.


• Design office
• Foundry
• Tools and equipment
• Mechanics
• Machining
• Mounting
• Tests
• Controls
• Taring

About us


About us


About us


Our HISTORY: key dates

• In 1909, Julien AUTEXIER created the company in Paris.

• It acquires a reputation due to its competence and the quality of its products.

• After the Second World War, he expanded his company by buying a foundry in Chauny.

• His son Rémy succeeded him and reinforced the company’s reputation.

• In 1986, BONIN bought AUTEXIER and ensured its continuity.

• In 1997, the company was certified ISO 9002 (version 1994) by the AFAQ.

•  In 2000, the company was certified ISO 9001 (version 1994) by the AFAQ.

• In 2001, the head office of Rosny-sous-Bois was transferred to Chauny.

• In 2002, the company obtained the CE marking for pressure vessels by LLOYD’S.

• In 2009, the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified by LLOYD’S.

• In 2009, the company obtains its first Type Approval Marine via Bureau Veritas.

• In 2013, the company is not renewing its π marking. After a study of the sales of these products, it turned out that the sales volumes were too low to maintain this service.

• In 2016, the company obtains CE marking according to the new standard 2014/68/EU.

• In 2018, the foundry obtains MARINE certification with Lloyd’s Register.

• In 2018, the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified by LLOYD’S.
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